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Sunday School Teachers and Helpers for 2023-24 Sunday School Year

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                                                     Christian Education


News from the Board of Christian Education:


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Sunday School Teachers and Helpers for 2023-24 Sunday School Year were installed on Sunday, September 10.  Give thanks to God for the important work they do in helping the children to learn about the Bible and Jesus' love for them.



A total of 52 children were in attendance the first night of Vacation Bible School.

Shown above are illustrations of this year's theme for Vacation Bible School--God's Living Water:  Covered in Jesus' Grace

Above is a panoramic view of the five lessons for the week of VBS:  Water from a Rock, The Woman at the Well, Naaman--the Leper who was Cleansed, Washing the Disciples Feet, The Holy Spirit--Thousands Believed

Enjoying a meal before VBS.

Pre-K kids enjoy recreation.

Grades 1 and 2 learn new songs.

Grades 3 & 4 study the Bible lesson.

Pastor leads the opening devotion for VBS.

Pre-K students listen to the Bible story for the day.

Grades 3 & 4 do science experiments pertaining to the day's lesson.

Grades 5 & 6 work on their craft project.



St. John Youth Fundraising Activities

Youth from St. John have started a couple of ongoing fundraising ventures to help cover expenses related to Lutheran Island Camp tuition and the upcoming National Youth Gathering.  Scrip gift cards are available for purchase as well as candy bars from The World's Finest Chocolate.  The youth receive a rebate from each gift card sold and a percentage of the cost of each candy bar.

Scrip Poster 2 .jpg

 St. John Youth look over the array of delicious candy bars they have for sale after the Sunday service.  

When you purchase a gift card from the youth scrip program, the merchant returns a portion of the money spent to the youth of St. John.  This is a marvelous way to support our youth programs at no extra cost to the purchaser!

SS Kids selling Candy Bars.jpg
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