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 2022 Vacation Bible School August 14--18

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The theme of this year's Vacation Bible School is Treasure Cove:  Discover the Riches of Christ.  

Forty-two children from Pre K--Grade 6 registered for VBS on Sunday, August 14.

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After students were registered, children, parents, teachers, and helpers enjoyed a light supper.  Supper will be served each night of VBS at 5:30 PM.


The "Treasure Cove" theme was apparent throughout the fellowship hall and classrooms.

22 Opening Night Supper   .JPG

Pastor leads opening devotions.


Grades 3 and 4 work on the daily Bible lesson.


Grades 5 and 6 work on their craft projects.


Grades 1 and 2 have fun learning new songs.

Children in preschool through kindergarten listen to the Bible story and lesson for the first day of VBS.

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