"I was glad when they said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord!'"                                                                                      (Psalm 122:1)                       


                            Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ--Greetings in the name of our Lord                                  and Savior, Jesus Christ !

                              What have you missed most during the Pandemic lockdown?  Eating out?  Going shopping?  Getting together with friends?  Travelling?  All of the above?  All these things we take for granted...until they're taken away.  And ten we realize how fortunate we are.

And some of you (most of you?) would add going to church to that list.  Did we take that for granted before now?  Assume that we could always go, so what's the big deal if we miss a week or two or three?  But then we could no longer go as before...it hasn't been easy.

So maybe one of the blessings that will come from this time of separation is a realization of just how blessed we are to be able to go to church every week, and a renewed commitment to do so!  Maybe we won't so easily let other things get in the way anymore.  We need the gifts that are only given here at church, including the fellowship we have with one another

But I would like you to consider this as well:  How may people in our community don't have this at all?  The doors of St. John have remained open, but many have not.  How can we share the joy we have with those who are still being denied access?  Especially those who have been so frightened and anxious during this time?  Perhaps this time of lock down has exposed a need, or emptiness, or a hole in someone's life they didn't realize was there before?  So, pray for an opportunity to share the reason for this hope and the joy that you have within you with someone who needs to hear that Gospel message.  And invite them to church!  If Sunday morning at 9:00 doesn't work, invite them to the Monday evening service at 6:00.

In a recent meeting, after prayerful consideration and discussion, the Church Council has unanimously agreed that we should push forward with fall planning which includes VBS (August 16-20) and a projected Sunday School and Adult Bible Study start-up date of September 13.  Don't be surprised if someone sees in you a gift that you can share by helping in these various ministries.

And what else for you?  What can we as a church be doing to recapture and reclaim what perhaps had been taken for granted or lost?  Please give it some thought and let me know.  Let's use the rest of this summer as a time of renewal and re-commitment.  Keep your church and our leaders in your prayers; we've been through a difficult time.  Now, let's use this experience to be a blessing to others

Hey!  See you in church!  God's richest blessings!

Pastor M. <t><

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