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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

February 14 marks Ash Wednesday, and Lent will begin once more.  During the Lenten season we pay special attention to Jesus' suffering and death for us.  We hear of His arrest, His trials, His torture, and His crucifixion to prepare us to hear of His resurrection.

During that last week of His life, Jesus encountered many different people.  Each person reacted differently to Jesus.  Some listened and followed Him.  Some opposed Him and tried to get rid of Him..  Some mocked and made fun of Hi.  Some wept and were sad to see Him die.  Some ran away because they could not watch.

This Lent, I would challenge you to consider what the last week of Jesus' life was like from these different perspectives.  What did it feel like to be Peter, Judas, Pontius Pilate, or Mary?

This is not merely an exercise in imagination.  Jesus is still here at work in our world.  The question that you face each day is: How will you respond to Him?  Will you oppose Him?  Will you pretend you don't know Him?  Will you risk it all to follow Him?

This Lent we will exploring many different "People of the Passion."  Join us on Wednesday evenings for our Midweek services throughout the Lenten season as we consider these people and how Jesus cared for each one of them, and how He continues to care for you.

God’s richest blessings! See you in church.


Pastor M <t><

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