Dear Friends in Christ,

                           As you are all well aware, this past summer our town has been torn apart                               by road construction. (I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have.)  It                             seems like everywhere you went there were orange barrels, flashing lights,                             and someone waving a flag telling you where to go. And to make matters                                 worse, just as soon as one section was completed, and you began to think you could finally get where you want without being late, “BANG!,” they’re right back at it again.

On the other hand, isn’t it nice driving on newly paved roads without any bone-jarring potholes? And it’s especially nice when new lanes are added and traffic flows much more smoothly. But none of this can happen without construction.

The season of Advent is like one long construction project. John the Baptizer echoes the call of the prophet Isaiah, “Prepare the way of the Lord; make His paths straight.” Isaiah talks about raising every valley and lowering every hill to make a level road for the Lord to come.

You all know that Isaiah wasn’t talking about a physical construction project, but a spiritual one. The road our Lord comes on isn’t on a map, but in your heart. During Advent, we prepare for the Lord’s coming with a construction project of the heart. The low places, where we have neglected God’s Word and have failed to serve Him, need to be filled in and raised up. The high places, where we have added our own stubbornness and pride, need to be torn down. In other words, we are called to repent.

Just like other construction projects, repentance is neither easy nor enjoyable; sometimes it seems to go on forever. The good news is the reason for the repentance, the reason for the preparation of Advent—JESUS IS COMING! He’s coming to you, bringing His gifts of life and salvation. When we’re reminded that the reason for all the repentance and preparation is that Jesus is coming again, it gives us great joy. He’s not coming to condemn you, but to save you, to rescue you, to bring you into His kingdom.

So join me this Advent as together we prepare for our Lord’s coming by hearing His Word, joining in song and prayer, and repenting, that we might receive His forgiveness and life. 


God’s richest blessings! See you in Church!

Pastor M. <t><

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