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Dear Friends in Christ,


I know most of you are busy. That’s an unfortunate part of life in 2023. We live busy lives. There are so many items on the to-do list that we find ourselves running here and there and everywhere. Sometimes our on-the-go bodies need to stop. We need to take a break and rest. What’s good for the body is also good for the soul! 

The soul needs rest and renewal, and that’s what Lent is for. Lent is a time to take a break from the run-around and to seek spiritual renewal in Christ. It is a season of penitential reflection, as the Holy Spirit leads us to strip away the superficial, and we see in ourselves our utter depravity and the need for Christ’s crucifixion.

Those times of self-examination bring us down, but then, we are lifted up by the One who was lifted up for us. He lifts us up; He renews our spirit and restores our soul.

I invite you to join us for this essential time of spiritual renewal. Several special worship opportunities await you (Check out the March Calendar of Events). If there’s still room on your calendar, mark down these important dates and times. (If there’s not enough room, consider erasing one of those other activities and scheduling a time of spiritual rest.)

God's richest blessings!  See you in church!

Pastor M. <t><

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